FLETA Private Meet-Up

22nd of June 2019

FLETA’s Beta Testnet Launching Ceremony

11th of April 2019

FLETA at Deconomy 2019

4th-5th of April 2019

FLETA at START Hack 2019, Switzerland

3rd – 4th of March 2019

FLETA in Malta Blockchain Summit 2018

1st-3rd of November 2018


all started from one question:

“What Platform could resolve

the issues facing current

blockchain platforms and

create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem?”

The first generation blockchain platform, Bitcoin resolved the double spending issue of cryptocurrencies.

Following Bitcoin was Ethereum, the second-generation blockchain platform, who realized the diversity of services in the blockchain platform via smart contract.

For blockchain platforms to take on sustainability and be operated in such a manner, developers should be able to develop DApps without any hassles, and users should be able to use it readily. It is with this in mind that FLETA came up with an optimal platform, meeting the needs of the platform participants, with our advanced technology.

Independent Multi-Chain Structure
Less financial burden for both developers and users
Limitless number of DApps can be accommodated
PoF (Proof-of-Formulation)
Prompt creation and dissemination of blocks
Real-time confirmation through observer node, minimize unnecessary Fork
Block Redesign
Block size reduced by 43%
1.8 times faster transaction processing speed
Data storage optimally reduced
90% reduced validation size, compared to Merkle Tree
High quality transaction validation with less data reception
5 times faster speed of transaction validation process
Parallel Sharding
Parallel action possible without double spending
Focused on TPS enhancement through increase in shard numbers and each shard’s TPS
Able to process 20,000 transactions per one second
  • Limitless

  • Independence

    of each DApp
  • Reasonable

    Execution Fee
  • Super-fast

    Data Processing
  • Sustainable & Optimal

    Data Storage Capacity
Project Roadmap
  • 2018


  • 2018


  • 2019


  • 2019


  • 2019


  • 2019


    1. Complete Development of PoC Code
    2. PoF (Proof-of-Formulation)
    3. Block Redesign
    1. Unveil Web Simulator
    2. PoF (Proof-of-Formulation)
    3. Block Redesign
    4. Complete Development of PoC Code
    5. Independent Multi-Chain Structure
    6. Smart Contract
    1. Open Testnet
    2. Complete Development of PoC Code
    3. Parallel Sharding
    1. Update Testnet
    2. Parallel Sharding
    3. Plan FLETA’s own DApp Project
    1. Open Mainnet & FLETA’s first DApp Project
    2. Open Developer Portal (Beta)
    1. Open Developer Portal
    2. Open FLETA’s own DApp (Beta)
Core Team
  • Paul Park


  • Henry Hong


  • Parker Park


  • Gerrard Kim


  • Scott Park

    Certified Tax Accountant

  • Peter J

    Head of Finance

  • Jason Kim

    Head of Business Support

  • Sam Jeong

    Head of Development

  • Alex Lee

    Head of Business Development

  • Soo Kim

    Head of Branding

  • Allen Jang

    Head of Research

  • James Song

    Head of Global Strategy

  • Daniel Kim

    Business Support Manager

  • David Lim


  • Hoult Lee


  • Stella Yoon

    Global Strategist

  • Kate Kim

    Global Strategist

  • Mimi Lee

    Senior Designer

  • Hazel Jang

    Senior Designer

  • Victor Min

    Management Support Manager

  • Unenburen Ulziiburen

    Chairman & Co-founder of Bitmonex

  • Sven Moeller

    Head of Tokenization Services, Swisscom Blockchain

  • Ishida Akihisa

    CEO of Eversystem

    Head of FLETA Japan

  • Daniel Eom

    CEO of Foresting

    Former Senior Director of 500v2

    Former Business Analyst of McKinsey

  • Du Hee Lee


    Acclaimed Programer

  • Ted Koo

    Partner & Head of TEK&LAW at Law Firm LIN

    Former Managing Partner at TEK&LAW

    Former Partner at Kim & Chang

  • Mickey Kim

    Director of Asia Pacific Business, Google Hardware

  • Yoon Kim

    Senior Advisor at Corent Technology

    Former CEO of Motorola Korea

  • Sam Soo Pyo

    Senior Advisor at Kim & Chang

    Former CEO of Oracle Korea

  • Dong-Yun Lee

    Advisor at Mirhenge

    Former Director of IBM Asia Pacific

  • Hae Won Choi

    President of Linn Consulting

    Former CEO of SAP Korea

  • Young Jin Son

    Former CEO of CISCO Korea

    Former CEO of Microsoft Korea

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