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about firstchain

FirstChain is a company consisting of experts from diverse fields; to include an IT entrepreneur, business development expert, marketing strategy expert, branding expert, financial expert and many more. By assembling this group of professionals, FirstChain is able to benefit from all the technological skills, expertise in the social values of blockchain and the innovations they bring to the table.

  • Initial Step of FirstChain :FLETA, a Blockchain Platform

    FirstChain started with the FLETA Project, a blockchain platform where participants in the blockchain ecosystem gather and develop together. This collaboration is the value of blockchain platforms. It is FirstChain’s objective to create a sustainable blockchain ecosystem, based on its platform, satisfactory and accessible to both developers and users.

  • Extensive
    Global Network

    FirstChain was the first Korean Blockchain Startup to establish a corporation in Malta, the aptly dubbed ‘Blockchain Island’. In a blockchain-friendly environment, FirstChain plans to advance its technology and business, while collaborating with experts from all over the world; Japan, China, United States, Israel, Switzerland and etc.

  • Experts from Diverse Backgrounds & Professional Experience

    FirstChain began with a foundation of friendship and trust, as the founders were longtime friends. The startup, was initially comprised of an IT entrepreneur, a business development expert and a financial expert. This was followed by the joining of a marketing strategy expert, a branding expert and a communication expert, creating a talent pool filled with diversity and expertise.

Core Team
Paul Park
CEO / Co-Founder
Henry Hong
COO / Co-Founder
Parker Park
Gerrard Kim
Jason Kim
VP of New Business /
Peter J
VP of Finance /
Scott Park
VP of Tax & Accounting /
Certified Tax Accountant
Bina Cho
VP of Marketing Strategy
Sam Jeong
Director of Technology Development
Allen Jang
Director of System Development
Alex Lee
Director of Business Development
Soo Kim
Director of Branding

Unenburen Ulziiburen

  • Chairman & Co-founder of Bitmonex

Sven Moeller

  • Head of Tokenization Services, Swisscom Blockchain

Ishida Akihisa

  • CEO of Eversystem
  • Head of FLETA Japan

Daniel Eom

  • CEO of Foresting
  • Former Senior Director of 500v2
  • Former Business Analyst of McKinsey

Du Hee Lee

  • Acclaimed Programer

Ted Koo

  • Partner & Head of TEK&LAW at Law Firm LIN
  • Former Managing Partner at TEK&LAW
  • Former Partner at Kim & Chang

Mickey Kim

  • Director of Asia Pacific Business, Google Hardware

Yoon Kim

  • Senior Advisor at Corent Technology
  • Former CEO of Motorola Korea

Sam Soo Pyo

  • Senior Advisor at Kim & Chang
  • Former CEO of Oracle Korea

Dong-Yun Lee

  • Advisor at Mirhenge
  • Former Director of IBM Asia Pacific

Hae Won Choi

  • President of Linn Consulting
  • Former CEO of SAP Korea

Young Jin Son

  • Former CEO of CISCO Korea
  • Former CEO of Microsoft Korea

More advisors will join our journey!

Coming soon.